We Deliver The Highest Quality Products

Our customers have come to rely on us for solutions that exceed industry standards. We utilize a customized, niche product focus and have established a proven track record for solving the most demanding challenges for industrial wheel applications. This approach has resulted in a broad product line and a diverse set of capabilities such as the ability to manufacture polyurethane wheel treads as soft as 20 shore A to as hard as 85 shore D durometer, wheels up to 36” in diameter or 24” wide, and wheels with flat treads, CNC machine crowns, concave/convex surfaces or lug patterns.

Multiple Wheel Types

  • Load / Road Wheels
  • Guide Wheels
  • Upstop Wheels
  • Flume Wheels
  • Solid Polyurethane Wheels
  • Nylon Wheels
  • Booster Wheels

Additional Components

  • ARB Pads
  • Bearings
  • Bushings
  • Axle Pads

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Self-Generating Lighted Wheel

Revitalize older rides or create WOW with new ones.

SuperLite TM Wood Coaster Wheel

New product for all wood coasters

Replacement Road and Guide Wheels

Fits all Corkscrew, Boomerang and SLC type roller coasters.

Nylon Wheels

Multiple nylon formulations tailored to your application.

Bearing Bore Repair

Oversized, scarred, dented, spun and/or damaged bearing bores can be repaired to better than new condition.

Carnival Wheels

Wheels for many common carnival/mobile rides or refurbish existing wheels.

Track Lube Plus™

Used as wheel lubricant, anti-seize coating, corrosion inhibitor, chain lubricant, and track coating.

Bearing Assembly Services

Save time and money by having Uremet install bearings when your wheels are relined.

Wheel Reconditioning

Don’t scrap your hubs, save money by having them retreaded.