Save time and money by using our disassembly, bearing installation and reassembly services when your wheels are relined

Receive fully assembled wheels, ready to be installed

Uremet Corporation™ Bearing Removal and Installation Services

  • Hubs are heated in a dedicated oven to increase bore diameter (within manufacturers specifications)
  • Bearings are cooled in a dedicated freezer to decrease bearing outer diameter (within manufacturers specifications)


  • Priced to reduce your in-house cost
  • Saves time for your maintenance staff
  • Differential temperature installation method minimizes any potential damage to bearing bores
  • New bearings are greased per your specifications; removed bearings will be returned
  • Wheels arrive in sealed packaging ready to be immediately installed
  • Customized orders with short lead times and quantity based pricing
  • Uremet is an authorized OEM distributor for SKF bearings and Klüber grease

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