Carnival Products

In addition to refurbishing existing worn wheels, Uremet also offers new high quality wheels for many common carnival / mobile rides. Most of these wheels are held in inventory and ship immediately following an order being placed.
Chance Zipper

4″ Hard Wheel

4″ Soft Wheel

Wisdom Dragon / Go Gator / Orient Express

88mm Guide Wheel

(available with or without bearings)

Larson Super Loop / High Roller

1″ Fire / Roller — Urethane

1″ Fire / Roller — Nylon

30mm Fire / Roller — Nylon

Wacky Worm

160mm Nylon Wheel

Zamperla Convoy Truck

80mm Guide Wheel

Deuce / Majestic Bumper Cars

10″ Drive Wheel

Sellner Tilt-A-Whirl

10″ Trolley Wheel

Cable Guide

Sellner Jalopy Junction / Rocktown

5″ Nylon Road Wheel

Track Lube Plus

Available in Liquid or Paste

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