Uremet’s New CEO and COO

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Santa Ana, CA – November 2017 – Uremet has named Steven McAllaster, P.E., Chief Executive Officer and Jessy Coffeen as President and Chief Operating Officer. With more than a decade of service to Uremet each, they are dedicated and versed in making the world’s best high performance wheels and continuing Uremet’s success. Steven is a

Mark Moore, Founder and President of the Uremet Corporation

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Mark Moore, Founder and President of the Uremet Corporation, passed away tragically on Sunday, July 10th at the age of 64. Mark, a true pioneer in the Amusement Industry, founded Uremet in 1982. Through his tireless commitment to polyurethane wheel development and the amusement industry, Mark will always be known for his far reaching achievements

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