Uremet Corporation names Jessy Coffeen new CEO

SANTA ANA, Calif. –– Uremet Corporation, the leading manufacturer of high-quality, high-performance solid polyurethane wheels, announced that it has named Jessy Coffeen its new Chief Executive Officer. The appointment became effective in April. Coffeen has worked her way up at Uremet in her 12 years with the company, serving first as a temporary receptionist and

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A message From our Leadership

A message from our leadership: For over 25 years, Uremet has been manufacturing high performance and high quality wheels. Our team is dedicated to continuing being the world’s leader in Amusement wheels and helping our customers with their urethane needs. As we have grown during this time and changes have taken place, our focus hasn’t

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Uremet’s New CEO and COO

Santa Ana, CA – November 2017 – Uremet has named Steven McAllaster, P.E., Chief Executive Officer and Jessy Coffeen as President and Chief Operating Officer. With more than a decade of service to Uremet each, they are dedicated and versed in making the world’s best high performance wheels and continuing Uremet’s success. Steven is a

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International Shipping Instructions

January 7, 2015   Re: Important notice regarding Importer Security Filing (ISF) Enforcement Dear Valued Customer, As you may know, U.S. Customs & Border Protection (CBP) is enforcing requirements for the Importer Security Filing (ISF, commonly known as “10+2”; CFR Title 19, Chapter 1, Part 149). CBP began a phased-in approach to enforcement in 2010

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Mark Moore, Founder and President of the Uremet Corporation

Mark Moore, Founder and President of the Uremet Corporation, passed away tragically on Sunday, July 10th at the age of 64. Mark, a true pioneer in the Amusement Industry, founded Uremet in 1982. Through his tireless commitment to polyurethane wheel development and the amusement industry, Mark will always be known for his far reaching achievements

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Uremet is Ramping Up Rolling Resistance Testing

Uremet prides itself on our engineering based, scientific approach to optimizing wheel design and performance and the research and development activities that are customized to solve individual customer problems. With that in mind, our engineering staff has recently invested a significant amount of time and effort in rolling resistance testing and analysis. These activities provide

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Uremet Talks Shop

Our extensive equipment list just got longer. We’ve added the state-of-the-art ProPen P5000 benchtop marking solution to expand our machine shop capabilities. Using micro-percussion technology called dot peening, the P5000 produces consistent quality markings. Because it quickly adapts to part heights and accommodates materials with varying hardness, we’ll be using the P5000 to add serial

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Uremet Introduces its New Quality Inspector

As our customers know, quality is a top priority at Uremet. So we’re excited to welcome our new Quality Inspector to the team who brings an extensive aerospace background and experience with quality assurance, inspection, drawings and measurement, including familiarity with CMMs, inspection documentation, material testing, NDT, Q/A guidelines and much more. The continued expansion

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